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An Introduction to Patchwork

Patchwork is an exciting and versatile craft that is enjoyable for all involved.

Patchwork pieces are generally made up from a variety of fabrics and are stitched together to make a whole. There are multiple methods to achieve a similar end result.

Applique – where fabric is laid or applied to another material.

Wholecloth – where the quilt top is made from a single piece of fabric and the decorative effect is achieved via the quilting stitches.

Patchwork is most often used to make quilts, but it can also be used to make bags, wall-hangings, jackets, cushion covers, skirts, waistcoats and other items of clothing. Some textile artists work with patchwork, often combining it with embroidery and other forms of stitchery.

When used to make a quilt, the larger patchwork or pieced design becomes the “top” of a three-layered quilt. The quilt generally consists of the top, the middle layer being the batting, and the bottom layer which is the backing. To keep the batting from shifting, a patchwork or pieced quilt is often quilted by hand or machine using a running stitch in order to outline the individual shapes that make up the pieced top.




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